What Have You Feed Your Baby? Very 1st Mainstream Baby Formula That Will Not Contain GMOs

Huge Win: Mainstream GMO-Free Baby Formula is Coming

‘In line with Targets recent proclamation to offer more ‘green’ and ‘non-GMO’ foods to their customers with its Simply Balanced brand, global health care company Abbott will soon sell a GMO-free baby formula at Target called Similac Advance – the very first mainstream baby formula that will not contain genetically altered ingredients.

With all the petitions circulating with thousands of signatures protesting genetically modified ingredients like soy and corn in baby formula, the announcement that a non-GMO baby formula will be available is a huge victory for our food supply and our smallest members of society.

Considering that Similac is currently one of the biggest sellers of baby formula in the United States, this is a significant change. It will likely inspire other baby formula brands to go GMO free in order to compete.’


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