Scary Food: GMO Corn, The POISON Plant Everyone Eats

GMO Corn—the POISON Plant Everyone Eats

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Just about everyone loves corn, especially fresh corn-on-the-cob in summer. Well, maybe “corn-aholics” ought to research the effects of modern GMO corn before taking another bite. Don’t pop that corn yet!

Jerry Rosman was a pig and cattle farmer, who now is an ORGANIC farming consultant as a result of losing his animal-breeding farming business due to GMO corn feedstock interfering with animal husbandry and reproduction—baby piglets and calves. Rosman realized that the GM corn, actually bt-corn, he was feeding his hogs was responsible for sows experiencing false pregnancies. That led to his eventually losing the swine and cattle breeding and farming business. In his ah-ha moment, after realizing what was going on, he said, “If this is happening to our hogs, what’s happening to humans?”

If that’s what happened to Mr. Rosman, shouldn’t everyone be concerned about GMO bt-corn, which is an ingredient in just about every mass-produced food product sold in the USA?

Former pig farmer, now organic farming consultant, Jerry Rosman talks about his experience with GMO corn, the politics of GMOs, and the harassment everyone who speaks out against them receives, plus his ongoing GM research in this 8 minute video.

Rosman claims the FDA is not concerned about GMOs. I guess not, since former Monsanto chief lobbyist Michael R Taylor is now FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods and Veterinary Medicine [1].

Why Veterinary Medicine? He’s not a veterinarian! He’s a lawyer by training. Shouldn’t Taylor be out of the FDA because of his past Monsanto loyalties? Shouldn’t someone start a campaign to get him retired because of possible conflicts of interest and loyalties to a former employer?

In the Rosman interview video at 11:27 on the timeline, readers will hear the stunning information that the genetic modification process makes bt-corn become a “poison plant,” as revealed by a plant toxicologist.

Rosman further claims that since no feeding trials have been done for GMOs before introduction into the marketplace, the feeding trial is going on NOW in humans. OMG!

For more information about the serious health and environmental problems of GMO Frankencrops, readers may be interested in Gary Null’s full-length video Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMOs. 




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