Control The Food, You Control The People – The Great Kosher Scam On You!

What’s Behind The Kosher Scam?

Are Kosher Marks A Precursor To The Mark Of The Beast?

Shining New Light on the Kosher Scam

by Bob Johnson

The Jewish umbrella group, which includes the world’s largest kosher certification company, the Orthodox Union, is having serious internal leadership problems. The problems are allowing Gentiles to get a much better glimpse of just how the secretive organization is ripping them off through their very profitable kosher scam.

The Jewish Week reports, “Several OU lay and professional staff members say there is ‘chaos’ and a leadership vacuum at the Orthodox umbrella group that has prompted Harvey Blitz, a former president, to challenge the group’s current president, Simcha Katz, who is seeking another term.”

Rabbi Steven Burg who is the director of the Orthodox Union’s Jewish youth group, National Conference of Synagogue Youth, said, “There is chaos within our leadership. We are a multimillion-dollar organization with no chief professional at the helm.”


The secretive Jewish organization is estimated to bring in over $20 million annually, much, if not most, of which is generated by selling the “right” to put their kosher label which is a U (it can be either standing alone or inside of a circle) to not only food companies but also to manufacturers of products ranging from tin foil to soap and shampoo to plastic sandwich bags. The companies pay the rabbis for the use of their kosher symbol and then pass that overhead cost on to their customers, you and me. That is how Gentiles end up putting cash in the pockets of rabbis. And, sadly, most Gentiles are not even aware of this kosher scam which is picking their pockets.

The kosher scam is often defended as being harmless. has a page which does this. They take issue with the scam being called a “tax.” Technically they are right, it is not a tax since it is not a government agency charging the extra cash. However, it is without question a hugely profitable scam for rabbis at the expense of Gentiles. The only way for the rabbis to continue it without it being a scam is to have the cashiers at the grocery stores ask each customer if they’d like to donate an additional 1 cent to 10 cents or more per item that will then be given to the rabbis who will keep some for themselves and use the rest to promote Judaism. (The kosher article has a factual error which is that it claims the money the rabbis take in by selling the right to use their kosher symbols is only used to keep the business going and to pay the rabbis for their services [which is bad enough since the bulk of the money is from unsuspecting Gentiles] and that none of the money flows “off into some special Jewish fund used to advance Zionist causes.”  The Orthodox Union openly brags about using its considerable amounts of cash to promote Judaism and their own logo contains the slogan “Enhancing Jewish Life”! [they should add “At the expense of Gentiles!”].)

One of the programs of the Orthodox Union is Mashiv Haruach, a joint project of the Orthodox Union and the Israeli Defense Forces! The OU article about this Zionism promoting program which is in its 12th year is entitled, “Mashiv Haruach: Deepening Israeli Soldiers’ Connection to Judaism and to the Land.” This program makes it very, very clear that the article is profoundly factually wrong in falsely claiming money taken from largely unsuspecting Gentiles through the kosher scam does not go into some Jewish fund used to advance Zionist causes.”


We all need to take action to awaken our fellow Gentiles and non-religious Jews who would not knowingly give money to promote Judaism and Zionism! Free Deism leaflets are a great way to do this! Here’s a link to the Deism leaflets page and here is a link (PDF) to the leaflet “Protect Your Pocketbook and Your Dignity” and here’s a link (PDF) to the leaflet “Bible Fowls” which addresses the foolish Judaism claim that God talked about four-legged fowl, etc. in Leviticus.

When we stop and think about this kosher scam and realize that millions of dollars they take from unaware Gentiles is being used to promote Judaism, we must objectively examine Judaism. Objectively examining Judaism shows us we are financing our own destruction as Judaism is full of teachings which promote Jewish superiority over Gentiles. For example, it teaches that God promotes the idea of Jews owning Gentiles and our children as slaves “for ever” (Leviticus 25:44-46), that any nation that will not serve Israel “shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted” (Isaiah 60:12) among many other disgusting and ungodly teachings.

Below are some of the images the kosher organizations use to mark products kosher. Become familiar with them and try to avoid purchasing any products that have any of these symbols on them. And please educate your family and friends about this dangerous expensive scam.

kosher scam symbols

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The Kosher Scam Expands to the Gaza Strip

Various Jewish organizations take in billions of dollars every year through the kosher scam.

By Bob Johnson

They convince food companies and other companies to pay them to place their kosher mark/hechsher on their products. This cost is passed on to people whokosher coke2purchase these products. The vast majority of people who pay into this religious scam aren’t even aware of it.

Coca-Cola pays into this Jewish scam. Recently Coca-Cola has announced they are going to open a factory in the Palestinian Gaza Strip. There is no reason to believe the product produced in Gaza will not be part of the kosher scam. This means that Palestinians who are targets of Jewish religious violence will be paying into their own destruction.

Many critics of the critics of this kosher scam complain that those who don’t like the kosher scam don’t know what they’re complaining about. They state that it is not a “kosher tax” and that the money does not go “into some special Jewish fund used to advance Zionist causes.”

They are correct in that it is not a “tax” as people are forced to pay taxes. It is much more of a scam because the vast majority of people who put their money in the pockets of the rabbis who run the kosher scam are not even aware of it. It’s more akin to pick-pockets as the victims are not aware of what is happening to them. The kosher scam is morally wrong in that most people paying into it don’t even know that they are and the overwhelming number of people who do get caught-up in the Jewish scam aren’t even Jewish. On principle the vast majority of the kosher scam’s targets would not voluntarily pay into the kosher scam. I know for myself, as a Deist, I don’t want to support any of the various “revealed”/hearsay religions in any way.

Regarding the money not going to promote Zionist causes, this is factually incorrect. This article from Jewish Action, a publication of one of the largest and wealthiest kosher scam organizations the Orthodox Union, makes very clear cash taken in from largely unwitting Gentile people goes to promote the Jewish state of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine by supporting the Israeli Occupation Forces.

Add to this financial swindle the fact that animals that are slaughtered for kosher products such as Hebrew National hot-dogs, etc., are not butchered in a humane way. It is common practice for animals to be stunned before being slaughtered. Both kosher and Islamic halal religious superstitions require the animal to be fully conscious and not to be stunned. Some nations, such as Denmark, have taken action to prevent this animal cruelty for religious “reasons” by banning kosher and halal slaughtering methods.

It’s important to educate people about the kosher scam. This is something they can see for themselves simply by looking in their own kitchen cabinets for items marked with a U or a K on them (as well as other kosher markings). The kosher scam is not limited to food items as other products are marked as well, such as tin foil, dish soap, etc. For a leaflet for distribution about this religious scam please click here (PDF).