Shock Claim: AIDS (HIV), CANCERS And EBOLA Were Created By Zionists To Depopulate The Earth

Shock Claim: AIDS (HIV), CANCERS And EBOLA Were Created By Zionists To Depopulate The Earth

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Courtesy: Dr Leonard Horovitz – (in the interests of extending Human Educational knowledge).


AIDS was deliberately created to deliberately depopulation development of humanity – created at Fort Dietrick through US Bioweapons development.

AIDS (HIV), CANCERS And EBOLA Were Created By… by TruthMedia



Trilaterals (The Illuminati)  have a fondness for declaring “war” on world problems. We have a “war on cancer”, a “war on crime”, a “war on terror”, a “war on women, a “war on Aids” and so on…

Trilaterals (The Illuminati)  have a fondness for declaring “war” on world problems. We have a “war on cancer”, a “war on crime”, a “war on terror”, a “war on women, a “war on Aids” and so on…

What we find within these “wars” are policies designed to advance Trilateral world objectives. Peace and individual freedom are certainly not the objectives, nor in many cases do we identify any contribution to human welfare.

In this article we consider (a) the “war on AIDS”. In each case we unearth a story very different from the Zionist controlled establishment media official line intended for public consumption.

According to Dr. Robert Gallo and other establishment AIDS researchers, this deadly disease with the capability to wipe out the world originated with a little green monkey in Africa who bit a native with disastrous results. Believe it or not, establishment scientists either push this absurd, unproven argument or dismiss origins as irrelevant.

There is another argument, backed by hard evidence and reflected in give books by respected medical doctors. Briefly, this argument is that AIDS is a man-made disease developed by the U.S. Army as part of a biological warfare program, funded by Congress and released by elitist fanatics to eliminate specific segments of the world’s population.

Horrific as genocide by global fanatics may appear, there is more evidence for this interpretation than for the little green monkey theory.

Even more horrendous, this argument takes us right to Tri-lateralist Robert S. McNamara, former Secretary of State and Chairman of the World Bank. It was McNamara who approved funding for development of an artificial AIDS virus later funded by Congress.

Here’s the story based on the research of these five doctors which we supplemented with our own research for documentary evidence.

We previously published our assessment in the Phoenix Letter edited by this Author in November 1992 and December 1993. We reprint the following from the December 1993 issue. Further documentation may be found in the November 1992 issue.

Fort Detrich Biological Programs in the 60’s

Fort Detrich in Maryland is the U.S. biological warfare base. Originally called U.S Army Biological Laboratories, it is now labeled the U.S Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USARMIID).

The Army maintains a Special Operations Division (SOD) on the Fort Detrich base with a formal operating agreement with CIA (memorandum signed in May 1952) Both CIA and Army have covered their tracks well but some original documents survive to outline a horrific story.

In the early ’60s U.S. Army SOD (Special Operations Division) personnel used specially designed suitcases to spray unsuspecting American civilians with bacillus subtilis at the Greyhound Bus Terminals in Washington, Chicago and San Francisco.

Similar operations were conducted at airports in Washington D.C., New York, Boston and Los Angeles.  The number of one way tickets sold at time of release was used to estimate distribution of the bacterial agents.

(Bacillus subtilis can be bought at biological supply houses. It is not listed as a pathogen, but can cause respiratory infections, blood poisoning and food poisoning.

According to declassified Army documents the Greyhound terminals in San Franciso and Chicago were the location for “six operatives to launch covert attacks” spread over 7 days. Specially DESIGNED suitcases sprayed bacteria into crowded terminals for maximum exposure.

Photographs were taken and other Army personnel “covertly collected air samples in close proximity to the passengers” to determine if the civilians had been infected.

Later tests were repeated with smallpox agents, grown in large quantities and converted to a lethal powder for spraying. Senate investigation in 1975 revealed close cooperation between SOD and CIA:

CIA association with Fort Detrich involved the Special Operations Division (SOD) of that facility. This division was RESPONSIBLE for developing special applications for biological warfare agents and toxins.

It’s principal customer was the U.S. Army. Its concern was with the development of both suitable agents and delivery mechanisms for use in paramilitary situations.

Both standard biological warfare agents and biologically derived toxins were investigated by the division.

The Senate Committee found the CIA had covered its tracks to conceal this unconstitutional activity from the American public. The Senate Committee stated, “Although some CIA originated documents have been found in the project files, it is clear that only a very limited documentation of activities took place”.

An extract from a U.S. Army report details why small-pox was selected as the “Agent of choice”. Its “attractive” features are listed as:
1. Smallpox is highly infectious with close contact It spreads readily from an infected person to susceptible individuals.
2. A long incubation period of relatively constant durationpermits the operatives responsible to leave the  country before the first case is diagnosed
3. The duration of illness for those who recover is relatively long.
Although the Federal Government claims that the 1972 treaty banning biological weapons stopped further use of Fort Detrich  we know that the U.S. Army applied for $1.4 million appropriation to EXPAND germ warfare testing ability in the early 1980s. Senator James Sasser objected and it is unlikely that the appropriation went through. It could have been handled on the “black

The Originator of AIDS

In July 1969 Dr. MacArthur, Director of the U.S. Army Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA) appeared
before Congress (the Appropriations Committee of the House) and stated: “within a period of 5-10 years it would
be possible to produce a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no
natural immunity could have been acquired.

This synthetic agent is AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome virus or HIV-1). ARPA requested $10 million to develop AIDS, 10 years before the virus was identified in the field Dr. MacArthur added, “It is a highly controversial issue and there are many who believe such research should not be undertaken lest it lead to another method of massive killing of large populations.”

From 1961 to 1968 while this artificial biological agent was under discussion in the Pentagon, Trilateral Robert McNamara was Secretary of Defense. Clark Clifford (of  BCCI notoriety) took over as Secretary in 1969. (Emphasis added.)

On October 2, 1970, just 15 months after Dr MacArthur requested an appropriation for AIDS development, Robert McNamara, former World Bank President, made a speech to international bankers in which he identified population growth as “the gravest issue that the world faces over the years ahead”.

In his speech to the bankers, McNamara argued that population growth was leading to instability, that a 10
billion world population would not be “controllable.” Said McNamara, “It is not a world that any of us
would want to live in. Is such a world inevitable? It is not sure but there are two possible ways by which a world of 10 billion people can be averted Either the current birth rates must come down more quickly or the current death rates must go up. There is no other way.”

In brief, Robert McNamara was in the final decision making role for development of AIDS at the very time he was contemplating the idea that “world death rates must go up”. This is more than coincidence. Our conclusion is that the Trilateralist Robert McNamara knowingly encouraged development of AIDS as a means to reduce the world’s population. It is difficult to arrive at any other conclusion.

Soviet Union Charges Pentagon With AIDS Development

This information became known to the Soviets and in October 1985 the Soviet Union mounted a worldwide
propaganda campaign, AIDS had been manufactured at Fort Detrich, Maryland by the Pentagon, The initial
information was planted in a Soviet-backed newspaper in India and then surfaced in more than 30 media sources worldwide. The report was backed by an East German report by Professor Jacob Segal of Humbolt University, East Berlin. Segal argued that the AIDS virus is “the product of an abortive experiment carried out at a laboratory to develop biological warfare means.”

This Soviet propaganda campaign was discounted in the West (this editor included). It was beyond the realm
of rationality that the U.S. would develop a killer agent such as AIDS. Professor Segal appears to hold the view
that it was “accidental,” i.e. an “abortive experiment.” This position we also held for a while, until the
McNamara speech of October 1970 surfaced.

In any event, in the late 80’s the U.S. State Department ran a rebuttal campaign to the Soviet charges. However, State was unaware that the Congress had published Dr.MacArthur’s requests and statements so the rebuttal fell flat on its face. The State Department, for example, claims the U.S. Army had never used Fort Detrich as a biological warfare base. This is just not true. Further, State apparently had no knowledge of the McNamra contemplation of raising death rates by design.


1. CIA-U.S. Army undertook field tests with bacillus subtilis and smallpox against American civilians.

2.There is no question that the Army received funds from Congress for AIDS development and this was probably undertaken at Fort Detrich.

The AIDS release could have been accidental but we  discount this for several reasons. Initial cases came from Africa and Haiti, the United States. Second, Robert  McNamara had simultaneously called for increase in
world death rates. This suggests a deliberate policy of  controlled release of the AIDS virus.

3. The Soviets obtained the information and used it for a propaganda campaign. The State Department rebuttal was ineffective because State had no idea how much information had already been made public

Continue reading here and go to page 80 to continue reading where we left off. Much thanks to Professor Antony Sutton

Absolute proof AIDS was made by the US Special Virus Cancer Program, distributed by the World Health Org., funded by the US Congress. Documentation, laws legalizing (sic) biological & chemical warfare testing on US Citizens and more. May God Forgive US!
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